Thursday, 9 August 2018

SAGE Group | Student Activity Center

Sagar Group ofInstitutions is a well established and renowned group in Central India. Under the flagship of SGI, we have Four Engineering colleges (SIRT/SIRTS/SIRTE/SIRT-Indore), three Pharmacy colleges and MBA courses. The world class infrastructure of the institute comprises of well equipped laboratories and networked computing laboratories along with a rich collection of books, national and international journals in the library. The Institutes give ample opportunities to student to showcase their talents in the field of Academics. In order to let the students demonstrate their diversified talents in extra-curricular activities, SGI has a introduced Student Activity centre. This initiative was taken for the overall development of students and to shape them as well-rounded personalities having good managerial, academic and leadership qualities. The Student Activity Centre is the body that conducts all the events right from the Orientation program, to the farewell program, to the Alumni meets. The Student Activity Centre also conducts the annual Tech Fest �TECHNOSAGA�, the Cultural Bonanza �SAGAR UTSAV� and is solely responsible for all inter college cultural events, guest lecture, seminars, and sports events for the college.

1-  Painting Competitions ( Wall )

Ever thought painting could be used as a means for social change? The SAC of SIRT took initiative is all about using art as an effective medium for raising awareness about important social issues. In today's context, wall painting serves different purposes. Not only they bring art into a public space the students also receive more recognition.

Wall Painting at SIRT Bhopal - top engineering College in bhopal
2- Mehendi Design

Students Activity Club (SAC) of #The Sage has recently organized Mehendi Competition for 
Both senior and juniors girls at SIRT.

Mehandi Competition at SGI GROUP


Students Activity Club (SAC) of #The Sage has recently organized Photography Context
at SIRT-E.

Photography Competitions at SIRT Bhopal 

 Personality Development

"The development of language is part of the development of the personality, for words are the natural means of expressing thoughts and establishing understanding between people."An elocution competition organized by GAIL India at SIRT.

Personality Development at sage group

 Ganesh Idol making workshop

Ganesh Idol making workshop was organized by SAC of The Sage on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganesh Idol making workshop at  SIRT Bhopal


Art is not what you see, but what others see.

Dance Competition 

 Thali Decoration

A decorated Thali is a very important component for performing the Pooja. So SIRT organized Thali Decoration competition under the Student Activity Club (SAC).

Thali Decoration at SIRT Bhopal

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Orientation Program for New Students of SGI - Aarmbh 2k18, Motivational Talk by Mr Rashmin Pulekar

Welcome to Rashmin Pulekar at SAGE Group

An Orientation Program for new students of Departments of MBA (SIRT/SIRTS/SIRTE) , MCA (SIRT) & SIRT Pharmacy & SIRTS Pharmacy was organized at Anubhavanand Auditorium where Mr Rashmin Pulekar , faculty Art of Living, TEDx speaker and Youth Mentor motivated the students and he stressed upon clarity of thoughts, purity of mind and sincerity in action for success in life.Hon'ble Chairman The SAGE blessed the students by his words of wisdom and focused on the overall personality development along with professional grooming.

Orientation Program at Sagar Group Of Institutions ( SIRT)

Thursday, 26 July 2018

AMCAT Exam syllabus - Engineering, Management and other graduates

AMCAT exam is based on the various modules and provide facility to select module according to the educational background. Some modules are compulsory and some are optional for the placements, for more details of read placement using AMCAT exam . If you are planning to appear in AMCAT exam then first go through the modules. Your visibility is directly proportional to your visibility


Name of Modules are

·       English Skill Module
·       Quantitative Module
·       Logical reasoning
·       Overall personality assessment module
·       Information gathering & synthesis

English Skill Module: if you select this module then your profile will be visible in ITES/BPOs, marketing, engineering, Sales, IT, content development etc in jobs.  Its syllabus is Vocabulary Synonyms, Antonyms, Contextual Vocabulary, Grammar, Error Identification, Sentence Improvement and Construction, Comprehension, Reading Comprehension. It consist 18 questions with 16 minute approx. 

Quantitative Module: This module is common in technical and non technical field, basic mathematics, divisibility, HCF and LCM, numbers, decimal fractions and power, applied mathematics, profit and loss, simple and compound interest, time, speed and distance, inverse engineering mathematics, logarithms, permutation and combinations and probability.

Logical reasoning : Deductive reasoning, coding deductive logic, data sufficiency, directional sense, logical word sequence, objective reasoning, selection decision tables, puzzles, inductive reasoning, coding pattern and number series pattern recognition, analogy and classification pattern recognition, reasoning, logical word sequence, data sufficiency,

Overall personality assessment module: Its main goal is to judge people-interaction and people-management roles of the candidate. Also known with AMPI (Aspiring Minds Personality Inventor), it measures five parameter extraversion, conscientiousness, neuroticism and Openness to Experience and Agreeableness. Its exam consists 90 questions and has to complete in 20 minute.
Information gathering & synthesis: This module is suitable for job titles like content management, quality assurance, banking analyst, In house lawyer, designer - fashion, interior and industrial, business analysts, health care, engineers its syllabus are data interpretation, information ordering, rule based selection and locating information

For management graduates this module is compulsory MS Excel Basics, Formatting cells, insertion, deletion, page setup, cut, copy, paste, drop down, data analysis and presentation, managing worksheets and workbooks, pivot table, analyzing and organizing data, basic formulate, advanced excel, macros, sheet Protection. This module consist 23 questions and with 23 min time duration. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

How to Get Placement using AMCAT Score Card

After reading this title you must have two questions in mind, first what is AMCAT and what is its Score card.

AMCAT - Top Campus Recruitment 

So answer of first question is that AMCAT is exam, which is used to judge job applicants areas in various aspects i.e. communication skill, logical and quantitative skills.  This exam is kind of bridge which is used by the employers or companies to recruit candidate. Amcat is act as a filter, which basically filters the candidate through their score card criteria.   This exam is very powerful for your dream job success for Engineering, MBA and Non technical graduates. Apart from the above said skill testing it also measures candidate verbal communication along with the personality traits and domains. Based on the performance of the candidate it arrange direct interview for the candidate. So AMCAT exam is work in following steps

Step1: Get Register for the AMCAT Test, Visit this link: ( )

Step 2: Then take test center anywhere across the India

Step 3: Judge your skill set by appearing in the AMCAT exam

Step 4: if you cross the threshold of AMCAT score card then you will receive direct interview call and after interview round success, get placed in your dream companies.

AMCAT works with more than 500 + Top rated companies, and do you know the best thing about the AMCAT that it provide equal opportunity to all areas of the graduates whether students belongs to engineering, management, and even for non technical’s.   Most of the online job website also support the AMCAT score card for the recruitment of the candidates.

Some of the well known companies are Accenture, Snapdeal, Axis Bank, Tata Motors, and ITC. It also covers IT services, banking & financials, automobile and telecom also. Every month AMCAT is conducting 2 lacks approx job interview.

In our next post we will discuss about the syllabus of the AMCAT exams.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

SIRT Sport Complex Inauguration at SIRT Bhopal

Sports Complex Inauguration” at SIRT Bhopal (Sagar Group Of Institutions) 🏓🏸🏀
Today SIRT inaugurated a modern and well equipped Sports Complex at SIRT Campus.
Mr. Rahul Jain, Director T&CP, Bhopal and Mr. Jallaludin, Former Indian Hockey player were the Chief Guest of this momentous occasion. Our Honorable Chairman SGI Er. Sanjeev Agrawal and Chairperson Mrs. Kiran Agrawal were also present to encourage students and be part of this great moment.
The sports complex is equipped with facilities with table tennis, badminton, yoga hall, and gym, and many others.
A healthy mind is the reflection of healthy body. SIRT Group believes in the holistic development and better facilities for its students.

SIIRT Engineering College


Welcome to chief guest 

SIRT Sport Complex Inauguration at SIRT Bhopal

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Top Engineering College Based on Online Review

 Top Engineering College in Bhopal

Nowadays online reviews are the major backbone of any brand. this post will cover the importance of online review for the admission in an engineering point of view. any particular website can be judged by the review and rating given by their students and visitors. 

If you want to search in the google for any top engineering college in for example Madhya Pradesh; then its very easy but how you will come to the decision for admission so just check their review in some specific website that I am going to explain.

Step1: First search for a top engineering college in Bhopal ( here I am selecting mp)

Step 2: then select its website link ( here I will select Sagar Institute of Research and Technology, Bhopal -

Step 3: search its rating on various review website like college Duniya, career 360, Quora etc. you may find it very helpful to decide, which college will be best for you for the placement and admission.

Rating Summary is visible in various websites

FACEBOOK - 4.7/5

Top engineering College in bhopal

like in this image you can easily see how facebook give a rating to SIRT college 4.7/5
glassdor Review in SIRT Bhopal

similarly in glassdoor website also provide a rating for SIRT as 3.7/5

these ratings are based on so many parameters kindly read website guideline for this

one more rating is also given by the collegedunia website as 6.9/10. it also considers the faculty.

CollegeDunia 6.9/10 rating in SIRT

Carrer360 Ratimg 4.3/5 in SIRT Bhopal  
similarly, carrer360 given a rating to SIRT as 4.3/5 snapshot is showing this.

Getmyuni is also giving a rating to 5.7/10 based on various student feedback  

Justdial is very reliable and SIRT gets 4.5/5 in this

If you will check college website then you will get this kind of details like, 
About SIRT :
We are known for Top engineering colleges in Bhopal MP. It is rated as top engineering college in Bhopal MP for its infrastructure, class room’s facilities, labs, R&D & placement. It is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal. Visit SIRT at website - 

so, this is all about how you can check online review and come to the decision for the admission. 

Heart Winning performance by Croatia while the France won the game: FIFA World Cup 2018

Football game is supposed to be one of the largest played and cheered up game in the world and when it comes to Football world cup it’s not less than the celebration of any festival which lasts for a month. This is the tournament which has even left behind Olympic Games in terms of viewers and popularity. This world cup is organized by an international association called Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) the sports global governing body.

Till today 21 FIFA world cup tournaments have been organized, in which Brazil is the only team to win tournaments for five times. This championship is conducted once in every four years. In FIFA 2018, 32 teams qualified from various countries and played 64 matches in a stretch over a period of a month in 12v different football stadium across 11 cities. 

After lots of ups and downs finally four teams qualified for semifinals Croatia, England, Belgium and France. These results were quite surprising but at last it’s a game where results are unpredictable. Same happened in semi finals unexpectedly Croatia won over England and made his way to Finals. On the other hand Belgium lost against France in the second semifinal. Leaving Croatia to compete with France in Finale. Fingers crossed viewers divided themselves according to the choice of their country and players. As expected match turned out to be an epic finale, both the teams fought like never before. The Luzhniki Stadium of Mascow was full of surprises when the players of Croatia and France faced each other. France kept the lead of 2-1 till half time with the help of the goal made by Mario Mandzukic followed by the penalty shootout. Hide and seek followed in the second half also unfortunately Croatia could not make up and France declared himself as winner of FIFA 2018 beating Croatia by 4-2. France played extremely well but the Croatian players won the hearts of the public playing extremely well throughout the tournament.

SAGE Group | Student Activity Center

Sagar Group ofInstitutions is a well established and renowned group in Central India. Under the flagship of SGI, we have Four En...